Friday, September 26, 2008

A reprieve

Due to a failure with some coolant and some magnets the LHC is down for about 2-4 months (repair time + holidays)

So ... 10 days of nail bitting, then a big cold fart.

We'll pick back up when the WORLD DESTROYER is turned back on again sometime in the spring.

Till then

World still here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Golf: Not for pussies though.

Heck I could even see this as a Olympic sport.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looking up

Day 6

World still here

Friday, September 12, 2008

The end of the world 2

Day 2

1 x teen suicide over LHC related worries

1 x hacker attack on CERN / LHC computer grid

World still here

more as day progresses

November ninth, and the end of the world.

So about 6ish in the afternoon I'm bouncing through You tube just killing time and trying to check through all of my subscriptions. Seems You tube is having a issue where the function that drops off your subscriptions from the page as you go through them isn't working. I keep trying to get the videos to go away and these damn 9-11 videos I tend to skip just wont go away.

You see over the last while as I've gotten more into the internet as a source of information and a way to pass time. I've had a aversion to reading/watching anything on 9-11. As most of its bullshit or just dumb. So I'm doing this for a bout a hour when a little light bulb pops off in my head... whats the date?

Oh fuck. No wonder there's so many of the damn things today!

Now I'm not a American. I was only directly affected by 911 in a very petty and personal way (couldn't see a movie i paid 25 dollars for on Sept 11th) so I don't have a personal reason to commemorate the date. But why now do I feel desensitized by the media and the coverage. (The constant bombardment so to speak.) that on a personal level I ignore it now.

Just like people have said were desensitized to violence, foul language, etc. Have I/we in a way also become desensitized to this?

I remember my mother crying that day. I remember the feeling of disbelief at Tyler poking his head out of Lisa's Basement that day and telling me to get the fuck inside. I remember watching the second plane hit the tower. Watching it coming down.

Now 7 years later to me its become like a foot note. Like looking at a book and reading pearl harbor was attacked. Is this what people felt 7 years after that day of infamy? I wonder.

Now I don't know anyone "over there" personally.

I like to say I will always support the troops. They have the balls I wish I could prove I have. What politics /reasons/ promises sent them there I don't care. They are there doing what we are not, and hope to god we never have to do.

But it leaves me a bit hollow to know one of the reasons we are "Over there" was because of what happened on September 11, and now I barely remembered the date. On a small level it feels like a bit of let down that I couldn't even remember the date that caused them to be there.


And now for something completely different.


for those not following the "end of the world"

The LHC is now up and operational. They slammed the first particals together yesterday. The real tests start up in about a week or 2.

So starting today.

Day 1

Flipped switch

World still here.

I'll keep you posted on developments.