Saturday, October 4, 2008

Aliens 3... with less suck


Apparently Gibson put in a script for aliens 3...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Death by overexposure

I present this before continuing.

A moment in history

I really think that major sports are being killed little by little by the media. Kinda like a slow poison that eats away at the one thing that keeps sports alive...

Your interest.

I'm not a hardcore fan of any major sport. If i lived in the U.S. I'd probably be a American football fan. England or Europe I'd be a Football fan. India or the Far east cricket, Japan Baseball. Here in Canada it's supposed to be hockey. But as much as I like the sports I can't spout numbers, or stats, or anything like that.

Going into a sports conversation for me is like tying one arm and a leg behind my back and hopping into a boxing ring. I liked Tie Domi, I like Sundin, I liked Felix. Why? Cause I thought they were cool. No I don't care about how many goals, or how often they win. I like them cause... I like them.

"I know half of nothing, about jack shit", is the term I believe.

I was reading that article and it rang a few bells in my head. I wonder how different really the sports stars of yesteryear are from the sports stars today. Did they have agents? Endorsement deals? multimillion dollar paychecks (or.. thousand dollar paychecks to account for inflation).

I feel for me and probably a percentage of people out there. Its kinda like the 911 entry I put in before. Sports are... over hyped. You can turn on ESPN or look it up on the net and see 40 articles on a 20 minute fight analyzing every detail. Nothing is left to the imagination anymore.

I just can't get excited anymore. I feel the buzz when I have gone to the occasional game in person. It seems different there. You form your own opinion, you are "experiencing" it through your own senses. Rather than down the lens of a camera, backed by a announcer spouting stats and percentages. It starts to get a bit.. filtered.. not real anymore.

Then... I don't own a TV.

Maybe this is just the perspective of a poor boy peering in through the shop windows at all the candies, and not knowing if they are tasty. Everyone else seems to find them tasty would I too, if I could afford them?