Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bork Bork Bork

Incoming Pseudo-rant

Why is it i'm on youtube and I'm watching tv shows from almost 10 years ago?
With the exception of top gear, mythbusters and smattering of others.
I find I just don't care for 90% of the shows out there on tv.

For example I found a Firefly clip just a few days ago on Youtube and was like:
Shit that was good show..
Oh fuck 2002...
That as 7 years ago...
Christ where the time go.

I think I can name maybe 8 shows in the last few years that I watched more than 2 episodes of:
How i met your mother (Thanks to gthe guys for that)
Sarah conner chronicals
Pain killer jane
Family guy
Doctor who (the new one)
Robot chicken
And these are just a few, and trust me the rest of the list is not much longer.

But even those are a few years old now.
I don't watch TV so my "viewing pleasure" is severaly limited.
But really the ones I do watch tend to be really good (at least what I find good). It really makes me wonder just how much crap they just sand blast at the regular viewers in the hope that some of their crap sticks.
I'm just one demographic (burgoning middleaged geek with a love for anything that goes boom, or is moderatly shiney) think of all the other they have to pander to.

- Tenny bop girl that thinks she'll grow up to be a fashion icon
- Middle age wife that has a child surgicaly attached to her hip.
- Office drone that wishes they had a diffrent life style, but have to be up at 6am
- Old people
- People that watch CNN to get all their news, but only watch the headlines
- Soon to be old people
- People who like watching people change their lives by getting out of the box.

All and all I have to give major Kudos to the tv companies for doing what they do. Even if the majority of it is horrible filth mongering.