Tuesday, February 10, 2015

He's got wood

Beautifull tree man model. Utter pain in the ass to put together. But worth it in the end. The runes came out nice. I still want to come back and touch them up, and finish a flame effect on the sword. But that will have to wait

A brief interlude

First std size model yet. Saw her on the shelf and loved it.
Need to get a new photo (not to mention camera). This ones a smig old. since this was taken I have re-done the face and eyes.
They really Pop now! Super creepy.

That's MR. Vermin lord to you!

Best one yet.
Have always loved skaven. They are just so zany!
Mike stalked me around the store with thus guy, slowly whittling my resolve down.
A joy to put together! It took some pre-planning and patience though.
Paint scheme was simple to hard. Those runes all over him were a pain to do but found a nice way of doing a wash then dry brush technique that filled them great!
Really have to do something about those bases... maybe that will be the next project.

The backup dancers

Nef's body guards. Amazing models and a joy to paint. Simular paint scheme as nef so new paints really needed.
They came out great!


Love this one. Everything comes out fuzzy. Interesting build. New techniques and a pretty model to boot. Have to come back later and do a few touch ups that i simply dont have the paints for at the moment. But all in time

Fixed the picture. Now way less fuzzy.

Turkey of DoooM!

In a lull i asked michael if he had anything i could paint. He loaned me thise beast from his collection of "still to be dones".
Couldnt paint as well as i liked as it being in one piece made it a total pain in the hind end to hold and move about. But turned out ok.

Its big and snake like... i call him fred

First model done.
With only a few paints and half remebered techniques. Not my best work, but a good start.

Different road. Same jalopy.

After many years away...
Onyszczak now works for Games Workshop. To support his endevour, and because I always did like the painting aspect of the hobby. I have returned to the fold so to speak, and have taken back up the paint brush.
I cant spend to much on this hobby, but i hope to do one model a month. I'm semi limiting myself to larger more set piece style models that I can make pretty, and practice my skills on.
Although this post is being made in early feb, I have now been painting since November. I have been taking ocasional pictures of the process along the way for each model. (With my potato lvl phone camera)
I had been doing that so that I had a record and could show the guys what I was up to. But I figure this blog gets no love, and i could use it to keep a online record of those steps. Not to mention the finished product and my mental notes.

Still alive?

Working on revamping the site and putting some content in here.