Friday, August 29, 2008

And if you never saw it

Many years ago Daft Punk made some wierd Anime videos that were released on MTV and everyone went ... eh?

Well here they are... Interstella 5555. The full Movie/Album/Funk

Well they died.

I have a nice new set. But I must salute these old work horses. They have lasted my more than 8 years. I shall give you a full military burial... aka the garbage bin.

Where has it gone

Great humor and great moments in highest seats of the government.

Selct Regan jokes
Regan bombs Russia
Clinton (bill) destroys Bush (Sr.)
Regan tell heckler to shut up
Just watch me

before you go... Matt... politics.. huh...

I was watching and got side tracked

Bigger Boom
French Boom
Intercontinental Boom
Put your head between your legs...
and kiss your ash goodbye!

And for those that don't want polytic and destucto I present!


Oh no not again!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

great work


Must resist urge!

Must fight it!

Boss gives me template for new form.

Next thing I know I'm making a new one for him thats x10 better.

Bad Matt! this is how you became a Site supervisor last time.

I do not want to be one again for some time.



This place has x100 the old sites population and x1,000,000 the politics.

I already know from just casual conversation the bosses are total smack-tards.

My new site supervisor seems like a good guy, with lots of actual experience and knows what he's doing. But it won't last...

It is only a matter of time before the grind of request/deny grinds him down to apathy.

It drove me nuts when I was there. You point out a problem they tell you they'll fix it. 6 months later... nothing. If its not them, its the finance department, or their boss wanting to control the job to take the credit and then forgetting about it. I truly hate and detest the politics of the corporate world.

Mike has left the peons and moved up into the world above. I know little of his day to day. Never really ask. But I know mike, If he says "I will get that fixed" He really does get it fixed, or at least does his job properly and moves the project along to the right people.

Everyone wants the kudos for doing a great job, but no one wants to actually do the job. When your in a corporation is just so damn easy to pass the buck to someone else and then take the credit, and if something is wrong or falls through. It wasn't your fault either.

Its amazing what can happen when you do just own up to making a mistake.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well is 2am on tuesdaymorning. What am I doing up? more importantly what did i do on monday?

Well to start i slept about 12 hours

I also watched/did/read in the last 24 hours

every episode of Painkiller Jane (pretty good series, don't know if its still running on tv)
Finished watching every episode of Top gear
the entire 26 episodes of Azumanga Daioh
10 episodes of Ranma 1 1/2
the rest of the new Macros tv series (very good! they didn't fuck up the V-tecs)

I'm 1/2 way through "Flashman on the march" thanks mike, very good. Very much inthe same vein as the Bandy Papers

I got bored and downloaded some .Pdfs of the game books for several systems I have been procrastinating about picking up.

Cleaned my computers desktop... it looked like someone shot a icon shotgun at it.

tried out 2 new recipes for pasta... One was fabulous... the other... well the army says we can move back in later this month.

FYI! if you accidentally spill about 2 table spoons a cayenne pepper into your 1 man serving of pasta sauce... DON'T EAT IT... let alone finish the bowl.

Got my poor battered USB key to work again.