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Another Mystery!

"Cereologists have determined the source of the material used to construct the microlithic monument as being somewhere in The Kitchen. They cannot, however, explain how the so-called 'Krispies' were transported the four hundred inches to their present location at the bottom of the stairs."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The economics of silence.


Can I buy A silence?

No Music
No Moving
No Cares
No Distractions
No Talking
No Noise

A lost joy

To Sit
To Look
To Wonder
To Ponder
To Remember
To Dream
To Find a pause between thoughts

How much to buy a moment of silence?

From the world?

From yourself?


Dance of a new tune to a old step

So mike is revamping the old Malf site.
End of a era or just a change of format?

Felt like i had to actually type something for this. But it really is a bit odd.
The blogs we we started have I think have begun to die as we have become a facebookin, googledocin, texting, smartphonin, populace.

Really only Eric and our friends wife Cec are the only ones that do post regularly.
I still use mine. but it not really a post blog I think, just a collection of clips and notes that I want to keep or throw on there because i'm at work and don't want to loose the link. Hell I don't know if anyone actually reads this at all? (if you do drop a comment like "yo", I'm just curious)

I do post stuff to Facebook, mostly links to vids, but I have a general practice to put it on my blog for keeping. But i find i don't "Status" on Facebook. Charyl does, Teddy does, Mike does. Will does. But i just stare at that status box and the thoughts are there, i just can't for some reason actual bring myself to type things there. I Reply at times, but not start one.

It's like twitter. I have a account. i Have my links... Do i tweet... not really. I think i have 3 to my name. One to Stephen fry, one to Crabcat (a really funny bunch of costume makers) and one to some random person (i'll look that up later) I've had my account for 6-8 months maybe. I guess I just don't do Post-of-consciousness I guess.

I started serious posting with "luddite" in 2008 (yeesh)

I read it again today and It still echo's in my head.




Can we give it all up? the net I mean?
Could you?

Its a hypothetical question of course, but its a real kicker!
I'm glued now to my cellphone (charyl pokes fun at me about it. Hey I have my cell lass, you have your topchef, lol) Hell I'm now sending this message from my laptop at work on a turbo stick, I'm paying way to much for.
I'm a technophille with a aversion to submersion.

Its a bit of a paradox.

I like talking to people on the phone.
I like talking to people directly.
I like being able to hear the subtle nuances in speach, that are lost in a txt

Yes I now txt, and I've been doing a lot of it as Charyl likes it and uses it a lot. But I really do prefer talking. Always thought txting between friends should be in my opinion.

1. Outgoing text: you up/available?
2. Incoming text: Yes/No
3. IF(2 = "Yes", true = goto 4, False = goto 5) Little programing joke there
4. call person
5. Wait till Later

Not saying "STOP Txting/Facebooking/yaddayadda". I know this is how we are moving as a society. One huge global community separated by keystrokes (or touchscreen taps if you like). I just wonder about the "humanity" of it.

So if I don't friend you, respond to you, happy b-day to you, congratz you in a txt, fill out your linked survey, poke you, Farmville you, twit you, hit the "like" button.

It not because I don't care about you.
It because I don't care about **insert social site here**
Or haven't checked it that day/week/month.

I think i could live without my internet. I would hate every second for a while, but i'd get over it fast.

But enough of this little diversion to the starting vein of this post.

Are blogs dying? the way ICQ/myspace died?
Are they morphing into something else?
why have a personal site anymore when if you put it on facebook/twitter everyone instantly have your blurb, and with their apps can respond to them.
Arrows gave way to the bullet, because they were better at doing the job of delivering their content.


Its not a joke term it is true, so true. The bleeding edge of technology.

Looking forward to see what mike revamps Malfeus.com to.
If he just archives it, and tosses it into a folder on his external drive, to poke a stick at every few years for nastalgia sake?





Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

1. Pillage, then burn. (7 February 2002)[20]
2. A Sergeant in motion outranks a Lieutenant who doesn't know what's going on. (31 July 2009)[21]
3. An ordnance technician at a dead run outranks everybody. (1 November 2009)[22]
4. Close air support covereth a multitude of sins. (14 April 2008)[23]
5. Close air support and friendly fire should be easier to tell apart. (21 April 2010)[24]
6. If violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it. (13 March 2005)[25]
8. Mockery and derision have their place. Usually, it's on the far side of the airlock. (21 November 2002)[26]
9. Never turn your back on an enemy. (8 March 2003)[27]
10. Sometimes the only way out is through. . . through the hull. (17 January 2009)[28]
11. Everything is air-droppable at least once. (15 April 2008)[29]
12. A soft answer turneth away wrath. Once wrath is looking the other way, shoot it in the head. (21 November 2002)[26]
13. Do unto others. (8 March 2003)[27]
14. "Mad Science" means never stopping to ask "what's the worst thing that could happen?" (Resident Mad Scientist, back cover)[30]
15. Only you can prevent friendly fire. (18 November 2010)[31]
16. Your name is in the mouth of others: be sure it has teeth. (21 November 2002)[26]
21. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Take his fish away and tell him he's lucky just to be alive, and he'll figure out how to catch another one for you to take tomorrow. (4 April 2004)[15]
27. Don't be afraid to be the first to resort to violence. (8 March 2003)[27]
29. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. No more. No less. (8 March 2003)[27]
30. A little trust goes a long way. The less you use, the further you'll go. (8 March 2003)[27]
31. Only cheaters prosper. (11 May 2003)[32]
34. If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun. (29 February 2004)[12]
35. That which does not kill you has made a tactical error. (T-shirt sold by Tayler)
36. When the going gets tough, the tough call for close air support. (2 October 2003)[33]
37. There is no 'overkill.' There is only 'open fire' and 'I need to reload.' (23 February 2004)[34]
Alternate version: There is no 'overkill.' There is only 'open fire' and 'time to reload.' (6 March 2004)(Poster sold by Tayler)
38. Just because it's easy for you doesn't mean it can't be hard on your clients. (26 March 2004)[35][36

from a amazingly funny and awesome web comic called Schlock Mercenary's

Thursday, April 7, 2011