Sunday, November 30, 2008


And for the love of god and all that is holy, never ever be on the receiving end of this nightmare

Oh ... this is real, and its whats mounted on the Iroquois destroyers. this is just the most nasty video of it firing I could find. :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How do you clean coffee out of a keyboard?

I'm not kidding I actually spat coffee up all over my keyboard at a specific point in the second video (can you guess when?). A must see for ALL sports fans

(please bear withthe slow titles at the beginning)

(No slow titles before this one)

And lastly for all you top gear fans out there


SOOO... whats Blizzard doing now?

See my post earlier about online download?


Just had to wait a week

Guess they wanted a old fashioned roll out for the first week or sumthin...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why don't more companies do this?

While installing XP to get fallout working I sat watching the loading bar creep across the screen a odd train of thought crossed my mind (OMG matt! a odd train of thought? never!)

I had just punched in the CD-Key a few seconds earlier which brought me to this thought.

Unfortunately the blue screen of death showed up and carpet bombed that train of thought.

Thankfully installing Fallout on my laptop brought it back to life.

Why don't more companies do it like NC-Soft?

You have 2 options with NC-Soft
  1. Buy game at store and get CD-key in box, register CD-key with account
  2. Download game free from site, and buy CD-Key, register CD-Key with account
I'm really surprised Blizzard hasn't done this yet?

They already have a massive system for downloading their patches and content upgrades.

Just make the game and its expansions available for online download already!

NC-Soft had it so right!

Heck no box, or key in hand I could install city of heros/villians and be up and playing in a hour. Because my account is still on file with them with the 2 CD-Keys I bought still registered with them.

Only downside is the retailers loose a bit of business I guess. But blizz could just ship fancy packed CD-Keys to the store that they could sell for the same price as the full box I guess

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sword of Troll slaying +100


5 way to stop Trolls killing the internet

I think this article on cracked (normally a humor site) has some very good points.

I personally would love a sort of personalized internet avatar that you can setup. Say a nominal charge of $20 a year that you can link your information too. That would work on every site, allow you to access everything without having to input every time all that stupid questions and information. Sort of like "pay pall" but for... everything.

You want to comment on You tube. You click the comment button, it checks your ID to see if you haven't been flagged as a total Asshat on forum posts, then you can post. You get flagged you can contest it, ask for a review, or pay the $10 reactivate fee.

You want to buy a car on E-bay, it checks your ID, and if you haven't got flagged as a fraud, you then can bid. If your flagged you can still bid but your bids goes to the front of the "possible fraud" section, You get flagged, then contest it, ask for a review, or pay the fine.

You want to access your bank accounts, click and using the $10 dongle on your key chain submit your finger print ID. wallah access to all your financial info.

All this you can do now. But each site, each thing you want to do is a separate account, a separate ID and password prompt, and has NO repercussions on your personage. You get booted form "screaming goth chicks" cause you flamed the board. You can just re apply add a "2" to the end of your name and continue flaming. Now your banned... and banned from EVERY SITE. Hurts donut?

Probably not a "click" your screwed button. More like rating on you tube, drop below -100 on your account and your rights are revoked, or return at the rate of 10 points a week (or you pay to get it back up). say something that pisses one person off -1. put something up that pisses off 100 people and -100. Tick off a Admin, or get noticed by a Admin. Bamm -100 right there.

Be a total ASS in a game (example WoW) get a -4 from the rest of your party. Be a Ass in general chat -1 temporary points that fade off in 1/2 a hour. -100 leads to a suspension of access till your points drop off. keep it up your banned. Now your banned not just from WoW. But from EVERY online game that requires a account. BE NICE!

1 unified account, 1 unified person. real consequences.

You want to access a Malaysian underage whore house online... enter your ID. What? Your state/province/country doesn't allow that? Well my friend I hope you can explain that to the investigators.

You been ushering death threats to some person, lets check your ID. Oh your information is secure and can't be divulged? While sorry but your ID from your comments been flagged by the victim, and since you failed your review request cause the provider agreed that saying "i'll fucking kill you, and fuck the eye hole" was a bit illegal. The police now have legal authorization to access your ID info.

Of course hacking and the trafficking of Illegal or pirated ID's becomes a problem. Identity theft is a major issue. But then.. it is now already. But really the government is falling father and farther behind fighting this stuff. they respond rather than innovate. We can't wait for this stuff to come from them. The internet companies, the providers, and the programmers have to get off their asses and do this. cause they are the front line. They make the communities that are the "interwebs" They need to become the police that are not there now.

(Heck policing the accounts could become a whole new job force of police officers. New jobs always good.)

Piracy would be limited to sites that do not conform and use the old ID access system or no ID access system at all. Basically a "look were not legit" flag waving in the air.

The web would polarize into registered and unregistered. What side would you be on? Would you dance back and fourth across the DMZ?

The web is becoming the place the world meets. Moderation and consequence is coming. What form? who knows?

"But with the formal ID then freedom of speech that made the internet so popular would vanish"... Really? I'm pretty sure it was E-mail, Napster, IRC, Myspace, Youtube, facebook that made the internet popular with the masses, with only 1 of those being semi illegal (till they finished the court battle). And the last4 are absolutely full of retards vomiting their illness on the screen in front of you. IRC, Myspace, youtube, face book all have ignore functions. Functions that they shouldn't have had to put in if people were civil and polite. Manners that vanish in the flicer of a eye, when concequence is taken away.

LOL, fag, first, and any other "troll" sentencence, make me want to beat to death anyone that says "freedom of speech" when referencing the internet. The "freedom" they speak of is for the most part just a license to spout whatever enters your mind that would get all the teeth in your mouth punched out, in real life.

I swear the internet is like Tourettes syndrome for the masses.

Sorry bit a rant there

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


  1. Go to BEST BUY
  2. find out they don't have regular Fall out 3
  3. Buy collectors
  4. install
  5. find out it doesn't work with windows 2000
  6. borrow mikes copy of XP
  7. "upgrade" 2000 to XP at midnight
  8. incur error with XP install (blue screen of death)
  9. Re install XP
  10. Find out with reinstall of XP it has lost Sound drivers, video drivers, all flash players, all codec. (OH they are there... but does windows see them.. nope)
  11. fight for 2 hours (now 3 AM) to ge sound and video working
  12. Succeed
  13. Play 3 hours of Fallout with happy smile.
  14. Eat shit sandwich when you stop, go to write this note, and find Mozilla due to the reinstall has lost ALL of your bookmarks some how. ALL like 200 of them.... ARGHH!
  15. Thump head on desk
  16. drink shot of Vodka
  17. Go to bed
  18. Seriously consider restarting Fallout as EVIL just to VENT on anything that Fucking moves.