Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well is 2am on tuesdaymorning. What am I doing up? more importantly what did i do on monday?

Well to start i slept about 12 hours

I also watched/did/read in the last 24 hours

every episode of Painkiller Jane (pretty good series, don't know if its still running on tv)
Finished watching every episode of Top gear
the entire 26 episodes of Azumanga Daioh
10 episodes of Ranma 1 1/2
the rest of the new Macros tv series (very good! they didn't fuck up the V-tecs)

I'm 1/2 way through "Flashman on the march" thanks mike, very good. Very much inthe same vein as the Bandy Papers

I got bored and downloaded some .Pdfs of the game books for several systems I have been procrastinating about picking up.

Cleaned my computers desktop... it looked like someone shot a icon shotgun at it.

tried out 2 new recipes for pasta... One was fabulous... the other... well the army says we can move back in later this month.

FYI! if you accidentally spill about 2 table spoons a cayenne pepper into your 1 man serving of pasta sauce... DON'T EAT IT... let alone finish the bowl.

Got my poor battered USB key to work again.


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mike said...

I had a similar incident but it involved butter and instant mashed potatoes. My ability to eyeball a tablespoon is a lot better.

The chap at work that provided that book has a library of excellent works. "Ivan's War" is a great account of Russian soldiery in WWII. Without the editing of the Commisariat.