Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Different road. Same jalopy.

After many years away...
Onyszczak now works for Games Workshop. To support his endevour, and because I always did like the painting aspect of the hobby. I have returned to the fold so to speak, and have taken back up the paint brush.
I cant spend to much on this hobby, but i hope to do one model a month. I'm semi limiting myself to larger more set piece style models that I can make pretty, and practice my skills on.
Although this post is being made in early feb, I have now been painting since November. I have been taking ocasional pictures of the process along the way for each model. (With my potato lvl phone camera)
I had been doing that so that I had a record and could show the guys what I was up to. But I figure this blog gets no love, and i could use it to keep a online record of those steps. Not to mention the finished product and my mental notes.

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