Saturday, March 28, 2009

Following that laugh...

sometimes technology can produce beautiful art just takes the right eye to see it.

Had a chat with a Co-worker about what is art and isn't. He's a firm beliver that "computer" generated art is not real art. I believe that art is simply a term to define something that provokes a reaction from you. Good, bad, large small, theatre, movie, painting, comix, stories, it doesn't mater. It is art. If it doesn't get a reaction from you it may still be art, but for you it has failed at its purpose. Some find 3 bars of color to be somehow thought provoking. I do not. Doesn't mean its not art, just means it is aimed to segment of the populace that somehow gets a reaction from it (be it... a small segment of the populace)

I watched this small video of rendered lines of light that are built from the flight paths of planes. I thought it was very beautifull.
Would I put it on the wall... No.
Do I concider this art... Yes.

No real point here, just expressing a feeling (or trying to)

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