Sunday, May 24, 2009

Free your mind

This is a sort of ramble no real point no real message:

Was listening to some Micheal Jackson just a few minutes ago and then some Elton john, then hop scotched over to some Metalica, and then mellowed on some Pavoroti. I'd just like to say thanks to my parents for a quality upbringing music wise (Mad props to you awesome gene doners!).

1. Why is i t I can love MJ's music but can't stand the man.
2. I would love to catch a Elton 10 years ago concert.
3. I wish i had never lost those 6 gigs of music back at apt 810.
4. Is manslaughter legal when it pertains only to Soulja Boy?
5. NEVER read the comments on Youtube when listening to MJ or EJ
6. America's got talent and Britain's got talent.. you can really tell who's the second child.
7. Puzzle games ARE NOT to be played at work, as the hours between 1am and 4 am can attest to
8. God damn the garlic bread from Pizza pizza is good!
9. See # 5 again
10. We need more Rocked Out Operas. Get it back into the main stream

I need a hobby... any suggestions?

Sorry Tyler didn't call you back .. See #7

Gonna see if i can get the Anti-twitter working again

I've been watching a crap load of random stuff lately. The space shuttle daily videos of the repair to Hubble. A shorter and less detailed version of the at Astr 160 thing I posted before. Just not as much into it as the teacher is not as good as the Yale guy. That and reading crap loads of Manga online (Mangafox is a really good site with no reading limits like Mangaotaku. but updates a little slower and the scans aren't as good sometimes)

The LHC will be op and operational soon, MUHHAHHHAHHHAAHHAHhhahahhaaa

Playing Mass effect again is nice. Finaly got to do the Biotic all the way up. Major investment char. but by the end you fucking destroy everything in seconds flat. Better than the soldier which rocks the first part but really chugs at the end cause you have to really on the morons (NPC's) for their powers cause you have none.

Wish that game had a co-op!
Make the levels WAY harder, but have two non-morons! that would rock!
The new "bringing down the sky" addon was very nice short and easy.

Fuck its 5 already. have to clean up the office and finish the paper work.


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