Friday, May 1, 2009

I have Lung Cancer, TB, Syphilis, Cunsumpstion, Malaria , Swine Flu, But the apartments clean!

I have just spent the last ... Aeon cleaning the apartment, I can see the floor!
All while nursing a nice cold, Sucking down cart loads of dust, cat hair, and god knows what else. Now to sit back and enjoy the clean apartment and take a nap.


Still have to stay up cause the beds in pieces cause they have to spray the fucking matresses. Then after that wait till 8 am to vaccum, drive the cats over to Ty's to hold, drive back, Off load the recycling and any none-chut compatable crud out to the locked shed (which only opens at fucking 9). Then after that wait for the contractors to show up. Wait till their done, go back to Ty's then... Fucking die.

But on a nice side, the computer station never looked better. Just have to get a camera to show you. It looks... Majestic, and fucking scary, now just have to get the old main comp with a working graphics card and get that up and running, and it will be complete!

Oh and to leave on a downer... the new cat carrier I picked up doesn't work.
But thats my fault... I bought 2 lids not a lid and bottom. fuck. time to squeeze 3 cats into a very small space.


Cec said...

wow ... you have a floor?

What sparked this?

Matt said...

Some mook brought some kinda of carpet bugs into the building. So they are fumigating like 3 floors. I have to prep the apt for the poison laying.